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The Tennessee Department of Education, in collaboration with the WestEd Center for Child & Family Studies, is implementing Kindergarten Entry Inventory (KEI). This online platform is designed to allow teachers, program administrators, and other designated staff to access KEI observation tool and review data. This is also the platform where teachers will enter observation data for each student. This platform stores the data entered by teachers in a secure database and automatically produces a variety of reports, both for individual children and for groups of children.

Tennessee teachers are only required to complete the five domains (versus the 11 domains listed on the platform). Even though teachers will see other domains listed, teachers should only complete the following domains:

  1. Approaches to Learning – Self-Regulation
  2. Social and Personal Competency
  3. Language and Literacy Development
  4. Cognition: Math
  5. Physical Development

Please note: Tennessee teachers may complete the English-Language Development (ELD) domain. This is an optional domain to complete for English learners. Click here for the TN KEI ELD measures.

Tennessee teachers do not need to complete the following domains: Cognition:Science, Health, Visual and Performing Arts, and History Social-Science.



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DRDPtech Reports and Guidance



Child Domain Report

This report provides scale scores by domain for individual children.

Group Domain Report


This report provides scale scores by domain for a group of children and has the number of children at each level in the domain. This report can be pulled for a class, for a district, or for a specific group of children.

Review Ratings
review ratings

This Review Ratings report shows which KEI measures have been rated for an individual child so far during the current observation and assessment. Measure names appear down the left side, in the same order as in the KEI. Developmental level names appear across the top. A (☀) symbol indicates the developmental level rated for the measure.

A (☀▶) symbol indicates that the level was rated and that the box for "Child is emerging to the next level" was also marked. A row with no symbol means the child has not yet been assessed for that measure or that Unable to rate was marked.

Rating Completion Report by Teacher
Rating Completion Report by Teacher

The Rating Completion Report by Teacher allows administrators to view the statistics on the ratings that have been completed by teachers for the current rating period. This is for administrators to use to view if teachers have completed the assessment. When five required domains are completed, the report will show as 75% completed. If five domains + ELD domain is completed, the report will show as 82% completed.

Child Progress Report
Available nowchild development report


The Child Progress Report provides a child’s progress using scale scores by domain over two rating periods in the same year within a single age-group instrument. Ratings are grouped by domain.

Group Progress Report
Available now

group development report

The Group Progress Report shows the overall level of development in each of the separate domains measured by the KEI assessment for the same group of children, in the same set of age groups, over a period of time.

Group Detail Report
Available now

 group detail report

The Group Detail Report provides percent by measure for each development level for district planning purposes or district reporting purposes.
Class Detail Report
Available nowclass detail report
The Class Detail Report provides names by measure for each development level for teacher planning purposes.




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